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10 steps on the path back to yourself

We are all prodigal sons in search of the Grail, the amrita, the elixir of the long life, the path which will take us back to our Center, House of our Heart – Home Sweet Home of Plenitude. What if, when we arrived at this Sacred House, and when we lit the Light that illuminates this Sweet Home, we discovered that the House, the Center, which we had long been looking for, was always within us? And that the step that separated us from reaching our purest, enlightened, awakened dimension was always within our reach? What if we find that the path, instead of arduous, confusing, frustrating, can instead be (by our conscious choice) calm, focused, coherent, adjusted to our Essence?

Ayurveda is an ancestral wisdom geared to a visionary purpose: to transport each of us on its own golden path back to ourselves in the most holistic, gentle, responsible and coherent way possible. The focus of this path is the enlightened, conscious choices we make on each and every step of our daily lives. Everything matters! If we turned off the light when we left the room; if we separated the trash; if we consciously decide to eat the fruit as a snack; if we went back to return the cell phone that someone lost; if we blessed the stranger who asked for help. There are a serie of small steps, which by their persevering repetition opens up this pure and profound dimension of our Full Being.

One | Get grounded

Developing mindfulness is the first step back to ourselves. When we walk down the street, and we are fully present, Here and Now, we are freer to make the right choice. Barefoot whenever you can. And even with your shoes on visualize your roots of light growing under the soles of your feet and scattering in depth. Visualize an anchor, a strand of golden light that comes out of your Essence connecting your first chakra to the center of the Earth. Make rooting and anchoring the first gesture you perform when you wake up. Find an object you usually bring on, and use it to revive the intention (and memory) of anchoring and rooting your energy. Connecting with yourself is taking responsibility for choosing, for becoming a priority in your own life.

Two | Meditate

Start slowly. Remember that you have several bodies, and not everyone of them knows they want and like to meditate. Meditation enhances the mind’s ability to focus, yet the physical body also needs to learn to meditate. Be kind to him. Be gentle with his impatience. Start with 1 minute of meditation, and leave the meditation time slowly grow as meditation moves from obligation to pleasure. The body loves to meditate, yet this pleasure may still be undiscovered. Sing. Do Mantra. Laugh. Laughter opens the space of Meditation, empties the mind. Help the body physically feel the freshness of a cleared and showered mind. Over time the body will be the first to yearn for this moment of purity, tranquility, of inner hygiene.

Three | Prana – Breathe

Breathing could have been added to both rooting and meditation. Breathing is fundamental in the process of connecting to the electromagnetic field of Earth, it favors and is implicit in the meditative process. Since breathing is usually an unconscious process, whenever you breathe consciously you realize that attention to inspiration / expiration alters your attention, your awareness, and your mood. Breathing deeply for a few minutes immediately produces the effect of alkalizing the blood, resulting in a more present and serene mood. Breathing is much more than filling our lungs with air. Breathing imbues you with Prana, vital force, soul, fundamental to maintain the Joy and the will to live. Breathing brings you to our Presence. Relax, take a deep breath as soon as you wake up. Take a deep breath in all the little gestures of your daily life. Use your breath to rebalance during the day.

Four | Vata, Pitta & Kapha | Know yourself

There are many ways you can develop our self-knowledge. Ayurveda is one of the great trees of wisdom that offers in its fruits the light of the individual’s self-understanding. The Five Elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth) express the different vibrational intensities of Matter (Prakriti). These Five Elements combine and form three bioenergies – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – through which all materialized forms, including humans, are recognized and categorized in Ayurveda. Each individualized Being/Self (Ahamkar) comes to express a unique combination of these bionergies, so it is important that in your interaction with the outside world, you can start from self-knowledge of how you vibrate, what harmonizes you, and what unbalances you. To know who You are allows you to take responsibility for your choices, develop tolerance for yourself and others, and walk more serenely and securely in the World.

Five | Sattva, Rajas & Tamas | Embrace change… gently

Sattva, Rajas and Tamas are the three qualities of vibranting matter. It can be said that Sattva is equilibrium / light, Rajas is movement, and Tamas is inertia. When each of them vibrates in its proper proportion you find consonance in various aspects of your Life. In a harmonious daily life the adaptability of Sattva prevails widely. When you are sattvic, you gently embrace the change, surrender yourself with confidence at every turn of the road. However, in order to reach the equilibrium of Sattva you need some movement, you need enough Rajas. Excessive movement, however, intensifies the day-to-day and brings agitation and imbalance. And everything can become more complex when there is no movement – Tamas, and inertia, and shadow dominates.

You need therefore a little Rajas, to overcome the inertia of Tamas, and through this you will reach your pure and brilliant Light in Sattva. A little yoga, dancing, a few laps in the pool, a few kung-fu steps, a walk … Book daily for a healthy and inspiring movement, and allow the brightness and light of Sattva prevail in your daily life .

Six | Eat Mindfully

Food is sacred. Food is also memory, information. All water molecules, of all foods, carry their history, which becomes your history, after you imbue yourself with their energy. You impregnate yourself every day of the Sun that each food assimilated and synthesized in its structure, the happiness that absorbed when being sown, harvested, cooked. The more aware you are, the more easily you are able to choose the foods that are suitable to nourish your physical vehicle, and for the maintenance of your vitality. The sattvic foods are those which are fresh, pure, biological, genuine, unprocessed, full of Prana.

More than what you eat, you are what you assimilate. In Ayurveda, proper assimilation of food is the major focus of the digestive process. You can make the right choice of food, but if your assimilation is insufficient, you benefit very little from all the Prana that is offered through food. Breathe before you eat, bless all the food you taste, and your Agni will shine bright.

Seven | Detox

Over the course of a year, your body reaches and tastes an absurd diversity of food. If you take into account that each food brings a wealth of information which loads your five senses, you understand that the body accumulates these immense ‘records’, and compacts them in your unconscious mind, such as a memory of a cell phone or PC. Of course these ‘records’, this saturated memory needs to be cleaned, so that the processing of food takes place in an efficient and integral way. Your gut is your emotional ‘brain’, and when your walls are congested, the processing of all external and internal information becomes conditioned. Your feelings and emotions, your thoughts and ideas, your inner alignment and your spirituality, loses clarity and coherence.

It is important to perform a regular detox, and every bioenergy – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – needs a suitable method to its vibration. Drinking warm water, eating fresh fruit (organic), making smoothies can be ways to detoxify. In Ayurveda it is customary to use Triphala to help this process, however consult a therapist or doctor for the right intake of this complex. Regular detox helps to transmute, regenerate and rejuvenate your different bodies, and this purification should be performed regularly in order to maintain fullness, vitality, the overall health of the body.

Eight | Surrender

Every human being is a multidimensional portal. We all bring bounding beliefs deeply ingrained, we all bring the need to control, we all bring expectations, and tremendous programming included and unconscious, fruits and heritages both of our karma – Law of Cause and Effect – as of the experiences that as Soul we choose to accomplish in our process of self-realization. We bring within us both the dimension of Light and Shadow, which are revealed in the various masks we wear in different contexts of our life. The first part of the path of self-knowledge goes a long way towards learning to accept yourself in your different and various dimensions, to accept your Shadow, to heal and cherish your inner child, and to find cohesion and coherence, to finally know who You are in your deep Essence. It is a path that begins by being lonely, but that transmutes into solitude when you learn to be your best traveling companion.

The evolutionary and qualitative leap happens, however, when you learn to share yourself with others, with each other. When you learn to surrender, when you allow yourself to become fragile, to become vulnerable, when you allow the other to ‘See’ you in your Essence, with the pros and cons, the virtues and the personal shapes, the transparency, and even so accept him/her, just as he/she accepts you, both by his/her Light, and by his/her Shadow (especially by his/her shadow), and surrender yourself naked, modest, humble, unconditioned, without ego. Intimate relationships are the perfect space to enhance your spiritual growth. The other is your mirror; he/she gently reveals your blind spot so that you may become aware of it and move forward and grow as a person. In Ayurveda, the development of a conscious and therapeutic sexuality is a pillar that sustains individual development, and it also has a direct impact on the community. The correct and balanced management of our intimacy is therefore a primordial field of expansion of our personal consciousness, as it plays a fundamental role in the development of family, community, social, global harmony.

Nine | Trust, Be grateful, Accept

When you accept responsibility for your choices, when you accept that nothing happens by chance, that you can’t blame anyone eles for your actions and choices, and that your happiness does not depend on external factors, you begin to accept yourself as you are. And when you begin to accept yourself as you are, you begin to feel that everything, really everything in your daily life is a blessing, and that you both give thanks to a ‘grace’ as to a ‘misfortune’, because you accept and understand and sense, that everything brings you an opportunity to know yourself better, to choose better also, and that this choice brings true freedom implied. And when you begin to accept yourself as you are, you begin to trust, you begin to intuit, you begin to feel that you have always been with yourself, and that the work you have been doing is the result of a co-creation, which for a long, long time has been unconscious on your side. When you take responsibility for your role in the co-creative process, you allow harmony, balance, clarity to become more and more present in your daily life.

Ten | Preserve & Simplify

I could also say, declutter. All the objects that you have around you are reflected inside your mind as spatial reference objects, to which often you also associate emotional value. These objects ‘fill’ the mind, overwhelm the memory, and leave little room for creativity, imagination, for your Essence.

árvore florAnd they also fill the earth. They also flood this sacred soil with unnecessary rubble, which pollutes, unbalances our natural space. Earth is an extension of your physical body. Would you like to have your body so cluttered? Air, Fire, Water, Earth are essential to Life, and these resources need to be preserved. Treat them with the affection and love that you would give your children, and with the respect that our elders deserve. The achievement of simplicity is in itself a journey.

Ayurveda is a visionary tree of knowledge, which expresses itself as an Inspirational Path, a Evolutionary Love, an impregnated Responsibility, and manifests itself as healing, as panacea, as Light, which applied daily, simplifies, moderates and materializes a path of self-knowledge which reaches and enriches us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


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